4th Wall

The 4th Wall is a video conferencing variant providing an always on tele-presence allowing incidental and casual interaction with a social group. This project builds on existing graphics and image processing capabilities to explore how we can :

  • avoid cognitive dissonance when mingling the disparate immediate environments of participants.

  • reconcile incompatible spatial artefacts, such as positioning and lighting of participants, to provide visual indications of conversational flows and clustering.

  • provide a high fidelity and visible reproduction of full body language and facial expressiveness for multiple people on consumer sized displays at viewing distances commonly found in the living room.

Along with the more technical uncertainties above this project also aims to explore the sociological constraints on free-flow video conferencing in domestic environments created by current cultural privacy paradigms.

As this project is fleshed out this page will gain content, however currently it's present as a link into the private development site.