It astounds me that, despite having been a dedicated professional geek for the past decade, I've no blog, twitter account or any real online presence to my name. Expanding my audience beyond those souls unable to avoid steeping in my wisdom due to physical proximity I've created what you see here.... the face of Akashic Laboratories.

Akashic - describes a compendium of mystical knowledge, encoded in a non-physical plane of existence, containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos

Impossibly grandiose as a name, it's intended to illustrate and evoke that to which I aspire rather than the merely exceptional that I aim to achieve. The genesis of this name is the realization of a common thread, a shared trait in many projects I've contemplated for at least the past five years. That commonality is a tendency to think about how information is ingested by a user and how to present it in a sideband fashion; a subliminal augmentation and enrichment of the data of which they are directly conscious.

Everyone starts small and I cut my teeth thinking about basic Pavlovian reinforcement via project specific wallpapers, fonts, themes and soundtracks, a whole series of supplementary cues to resurrect remnant mental state. This is by no means an exclusive focus but it is a muse I expect to have peering over my shoulder for some time to come.

This site is the main portal to Akashic Labs, a company created to perform necessary R&D on projects that I think are worth pursuing. This site does not follow the form of most company websites I've seen and I do not intend that it should, rather it is a venue where I can publish project concepts for wider discussion along with investigations and results. Over time this may change as the company completes research and starts to produce products but for the time being the content will be somewhat bipolar:

  • A collection, likely highly chaotic, of thoughts, ideas and idle project concepts that I'd love to have the time to explore further but don't expect this to be the case.

  • A portal to more structured pages relating to projects, be they skeletal outlines or fully fleshed, that I will explore further as time allows.